Port Phillip Community Group

About PPCG

PPCG provides services to people from a wide range of backgrounds including, culturally and linguistically diverse, who come to us with issues that are often multiple and complex. These include physical, mental health, alcohol and other drug issues. To address these issues we provide a range of centre-based and outreach programs and services, such as:

  • Information, referral and support.
  • Emergency relief, material aid and financial counselling.
  • Community development and personal advocacy.
  • Skills development and pathways to education and employment.
  • Social advocacy to overcome inequity, social exclusion and poverty.

Vision, Mission, Principle, Values and Approach

Board of Directors
Strategic Plan and Annual Report

Our Vision – A fair and just society that values all people.

Our Mission – To positively impact lives through fostering and improving equity, participation and inclusion.

Our Principles – We integrate the Victorian Charter of Human Rights which promotes freedom, respect, equality and dignity with the universal social justice principles of access, rights, self-determination and participation.

Our Values – We value integrity in all our relationship with critical reflection of, and innovation in, our process, good governance and efficient operating practices, and the development and nurturing of community participation and capacity building.

Our Approaches – We use strengths-based and community development approaches to foster improved quality of life, social health, education, and employment. These approaches empower individuals and communities to take control of their lives in meaningful and sustainable ways. We work with the broader community to foster opportunities and social inclusion, and to reduce marginalisation.

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Main Office

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