Social Meals

Sharing meals brings people together. It creates connection, allows space to debrief about the day or the opportunity to share something important. In all cultures food is a vehicle for coming together.

Every week, PPCG staff and volunteers head out to a local rooming house to cook up a communal feast for the residents. Maybe it’s a BBQ in the sunshine or a roast on a cold winter afternoon. 59% of residents said that they have met someone new through a Social Meal at their rooming house. Neighbours who know each other can support each other, and they are much less likely to feel isolated and alone. 

The Social Meals program is run in partnership with St Kilda Community Housing, South Port Community Housing and Housing First. It is proudly supported by the City of Port Phillip.

If your rooming house is a part of the Social Meals program and you would like to know when your next lunch is, get in contact with us.

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